If your home seems to lack somewhat in the looks department, you may not need to come up with thousands for a renovation project. Instead, you might be able to pull off a new look for your home with no more than a few simple one-hour projects.

Redo the caulking all around the bathtub

Do the fixtures around your bath-room look a little dated? You may not need to actually replace them. Home decor experts recommend new caulking where it looks old, in places like the area around the bathtub. New caulking can make the bathroom look sharper, and can even psychologically alter the way you see any dated fittings.

Put carpet treads on staircases

Bare wooden staircases can look beautiful when they are new. The finish on the wood can wear out over time, however. Re-polishing and re-finishing can be a lengthy and expensive process. Fortunately, there is an easy workaround—carpet treads. Treads are pieces of carpet that adhere to the top portion of a step. They are held in place with strong adhesive carpet tape, thus adding an element of safety to the stairs. There are many kinds of different carpet styles available, and they can transform the way a set of stairs looks.

Pick a wall to accent

If the living room or a bedroom have no accent wall, picking a wall to highlight with some bold color is sometimes all it takes to brighten things up. Painting a single wall can be simple and quick. Use painter’s tape to mark the borders and ensure that no paint goes over the edge. Then, use a paint brush and paint the area. Your room could look new
in as little as an hour.

Replace the window screens

Old and dirty window screens can tarnish the appearance of a house even if the house is in excellent shape. Screens are not expensive to change, however. Hardware stores sell screen replacement kits that include fiberglass screen material and the tools needed for installation. Your home will look brighter and cleaner in no time. Window screen replacement is an important way in which to invest in the appearance of your home.

Install freestanding outdoor lamps

Outdoor lighting in the garden and on the driveway has practical benefits. Lighting helps with visibility, especially after the sun sets so you can maximize the time you spend enjoying the outdoors. Such lighting can also beautify the outside of your home.

It used to be that installing lights required a lot of work. You needed to get wiring out to each lamp, make the connections waterproof, and so on. These days, however, outdoor solar lamps are the way to install lighting with a minimum of fuss. Since these lamps need no wiring, they can be installed independently. Each lamp needs to simply be pushed into the ground. With these lamps in place, you can have beautiful lighting around your home each evening.

A little work is sometimes all it takes to transform your home. When you pick and choose your projects correctly, transforming your home can feel effortless, and, yet, very productive.

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