As the world has entered into a new decade, we felt it appropriate to celebrate by reminiscing about the days of Beaver Borough gone by. We asked for memory submissions on Facebook, and our followers did not disappoint. Check out what they had to say…if their stories spark a new memory for you, we’d love to hear about it at

Pam Crumrine: Scottys Newstand, the mobile station at the center of town and riding our bikes over the cord so the bell would ring.

Shelley Boyd: I remember going to Cogo’s to find my brother because he was always in there playing Pac-Man. I remember Sea and Sound, the only place you can buy fish, a snake and a cassette tape. We loved the 5 and 10, going in there to get presents for our mom and dad. Being able to ride our bikes in the summer from morning until the street lights went on. Sled riding on
the water lot hill on 5th Street.

Pamala Marie: I love everything about our town. Good times cruising river road. The groups of kids had different benches. Seniors had one, juniors etc. We went to football games, pep rallies and rode our bikes all over town. The pool in the summers…all day every day. Playing Pac-Man when I was supposed to be getting bread and milk. Oh sooo many good memories!

Nancy Smith: Skating on the frog pond, sled riding on Dravo and Gailey, playing in the creek and the woods behind 7th, the pool, the parades, annual homecoming bonfire, playing tag and kick the can in the parks and yards and knowing your mom’s unique whistle above all others when it was time to come home.

Vicki Harden: Up until I was in 4th grade I lived on College Avenue near the top of the hill. The borough would actually block off the hill in the winter so we could sled ride there. We watched the train go down 5th Street every night at 6:00. Bought my first 45 at the Card n Candle Shop. Vanilla Cokes at Rowse’s Drug Store or Springers. Rolands was the best toy store ever! I think I had my first kiss in the Beaver Theater. Went to Peek n Tom bowling alley with my folks. Great memories of a great little town! My kids grew up here and now my grandkids are making memories here.

Bonnie Turner: Grew up in Beaver in the 50s & 60s when all was right with the world. Walked to and from school every day (as well as for lunch while at Ft Mac); never heard of “stranger danger”. Rode bikes from Snitger’s and wore shoes from Hartung’s. Every summer day, it was off to the Beaver Pool and stayed out until the streetlights came on. Saw matinees at the Beaver Theater for 25 cents where we hoped our number was called at intermission for a handful of pennies from the fishbowl. A very early memory includes the high school band practicing marching up and down 4th Street. Life was so innocent back then and it
was good.

Ann Semes Lynch: Beaver – Ahhh, no place better in the Valley! Riding bikes from one end of town to the other. Bizzy Corner, Churns. The DQ cart that drove around, the train coming down my street when we were kids. Kickball at 6th and Navigation. Sled riding on Dravo Avenue. I could go on forever. Best town to grow up in and we did all we could to leave and now we all want to move back!

Angie Peluso: Oh wow, so many childhood memories! I remember after school walking to Ranelli‘s to get provolone sticks or pizza and then on the weekends going bowling there. After canteen (a dance for 6th, 7th and 8th graders) which was at College Square we would go “Up Street” to walk around town. Every summer day was at the Beaver Pool and that one week when the fair was in town every teenager was there hoping to meet their friends there. An age where you had to go and hang out to see where people were versus looking at social media. Although a different time, I really am enjoying what our town has to offer for my own children.

Thomas Dishler: There are so many things to remember from growing up in Beaver. Going to the Theatre to watch movies, going bowling at Peek n Toms, getting a soda at 8ft Rowse’s or Public Drug Store, Waddell’s corner store, or Lucci’s by the Dairy Queen. Walking to the river and going fishing. But most of all the best swimming pool in the county.

Deb Vanner: I went to Beaver schools grades 3 through graduation, I have many downtown Main Street Beaver Memories, a treat for my siblings and I was if my parents weren’t home at lunchtime (we walked home from Fort Macintosh Elementary school to our home on Fifth Street for lunch) we got lunch money and we got to go to Islaly’s for lunch, burger, fries and cherry cokes then walked back to school! Junior High was where the Elementary school is now, after school friends & I would go to Springer’s Drug Store and they had a soda bar, we would hang out sipping cherry cokes there, then go across the street to the Record Store see if the Billboard Magazine record chart was posted, & see what new 45’s & albums of our favorite artists were out! During Senior High, we would meet at the park (across from Gazebo) and put our change together and go to Kretchmar’s and get a box of cookies or doughnuts and Cokes from Rowse’s Drug store and hang in the park, or go for a walk down River Road. Beaver used to have many Parades, I was in the Jr High Band, we would meet up at the high school with the Senior High Band, and we would march up Fifth Street (there were Railroad Tracks in the middle of Fifth Street back then!) to Beaver Street to Main Street with Police cruiser in front & back of us, until we hit the end of Beaver and Main Street, where we started the Main Street Parade Route! I remember the excitement as Main Street was full of people! Yes, we had Junior and High School Bands back then! I was a Majorette! The GOOD Ole Days!

Conchita Harris: Going to get vanilla cokes after school at the drug store with my friends. Isley’s ice cream cones.

Judy Erkun Conner: Springers restaurant after school and church. Isaly’s too. Beaver Movie Theater on the weekend!

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