When emergencies occur in Beaver Borough or surrounding areas that affect Borough residents such as law enforcement, hazardous materials, natural disasters or severe weather, it is critical that emergency officials are able to notify the public as quickly as possible. Door to door notifications take time and resources, and emergency sirens can’t always be heard in-doors. Emergency officials across the country have found that electronic mass notification systems that make phone calls, send text messages and send emails are by far the most effective way to alert the public with emergency information. Beaver Borough and Beaver County have invested in just such a system.

Both the Borough and the County utilize the Swift911 Notification System to communicate information to residents, but the only way to ensure that you are notified is to register yourself and your family members in the Swift911 system. Beaver Borough utilizes Swift911 primarily to notify you via email of town events, road closures, water system issues, etc. Beaver County Emergency Services in coordination with local responders utilizes Swift911 to alert residents via phone calls and text messages regarding emergencies such as floods, fires, police incidents, road closures, missing persons, evacuation or shelter orders, weather emergencies and nuclear power plant accidents. The Swift911 system can alert thousands of residents in just a few minutes.

You must be registered in the Swift 911 system to ensure that you will receive emergency notifications. You can register to receive notifications via calls on your home and cell phones as well as text messages and emails. You can also register to receive notifications for locations in addition to your home address, such as your work, children’s schools, or elderly family members’ homes.

There are two easy ways to register:

  1. Text Swift911 to 99538 or download the Swift911 Public app from the app store on your mobile device
  2. Visit https://beaverpa.us/beaver-county-pa-emergency-alerts/

Important: Once you have registered, you must subscribe to both of the following lists to ensure that you receive all notifications:

  • Beaver Borough, PA – Beaver Borough Master List
  • Beaver County Emergency Alerts – Residential List

You may utilize the search feature to see the subscription lists available for your location, but ensure you are subscribed to these two lists at a minimum.

If you have any questions or need assistance with registration please call Borough Office at 724-773-6700, or Beaver County Emergency Services at 724-775-1700.


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