Good Recycling Efforts Equal Large PayOut—$234,000

In October of 2018, Beaver Borough was awarded $234,000.00 in an Act 101 Section 902 Recycling Grant.  It took efforts from several of the Borough offices to receive the funding.  Several years prior, Beaver Borough’s Council made a list of equipment needs, recycling goals, and grant opportunities available.  The Road Department worked to improve the drop off yard waste area.  The dedicated crew collected leaves and brush throughout the Borough including properties owned by the Borough, residential homes, and roadways. 
All of the organic materials: leaves, grass, brush, tree trimmings, and wood chips were hauled to the Beaver County Compost Site in Brighton Township.  The material was all weighed and calculated for tonnages.  The tonnages steadily increased year after year as more Beaver residents participated in recycling of these materials.  With the active yard and leaf collection, the Borough was eligible for funding that is provided through the Department of Environmental Protection and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The grant was received through a team effort by Beaver Borough staff including the Police Department and Highway Department with grant writing, organization and multiple reports that tracked the increase of recyclable tonnages which ultimately provided much needed dollars back into the Borough’s funds.

The yard and leaf materials (leaves, grass, brush, tree trimmings, wood chips) are used by Beaver County to make a final product referred to as compost. The compost that is produced by the County is a high quality 100% organic material that is used like dirt to pot and plant flowers and vegetables. Beaver Borough is supporting a sustainable program while diverting large amounts of material from landfills while also achieving financial benefit for the efforts. Residents can help the road department in making
sure the material is clean.
Do not include fencing, other recyclable materials like glass or metals, no plastic bags, or stakes in with the organic materials.  Those other items should be handled separately.  The cleaner
the yard and leaf material is the better the end product.  Your help is very much appreciated.

The $234,000.00 purchased vehicles and equipment that were delivered during the 2019 calendar year. All of the items awarded were to enhance the yard and leaf collections and to support future recycling initiatives. The new items have increased efficiency of operations, decrease fuel costs, and improved overall recycling services provided to the residents.  Beaver Borough is commended on their vision for environmental efforts. Continue to look for new recycling services as Beaver Borough strives to unfold new programming.

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