Written by Art Cornell, Board Member

The Board of Directors of the Beaver Cemetery and Mausoleum The Board of Directors of Beaver Cemetery is pleased to announce the hiring of Jim Jenkins of Beaver as its new Manager. We welcome Jim and look forward to his continuing to maintain Beaver Cemetery as a special place in our community.

Vic Stahl, long time manager of Beaver Cemetery and Mausoleum has announced his retirement effective December 31, 2020.

The Board of Directors is grateful for the many years of service Vic has given to the Beaver Cemetery and the community. He will be missed. We wish Vic well as he enjoys his well earned retirement.

Established in 1865, the Beaver located at 351 Buffalo Street Vanport, is one of the longest-serving institutions in the county and has been recognized by the Beaver County Veterans Affairs Office as one of the area’s best maintained cemeteries.

The Beaver Cemetery and Mausoleum is different from privately-owned and church-affiliated cemeteries in one important aspect. More than 100 years ago, a trust fund governed by a volunteer board of trustees was established to ensure maintenance of the cemetery with perpetual care. As a nonprofit organization, the cemetery actually belongs to the community.

As a nonsectarian facility, Beaver Visitors Cemetery is open to all who choose to take advantage of its historical beauty and tradition of caring. Beaver Cemetery is the only cemetery in Beaver County with a sprinkler system and ambient lighting. Cemetery lots are available where either raised or ground level memorials are permitted.

Private mausoleums within the cemetery grounds are also allowed and with the development of Sections 11 & 12, there are nearly 1,000 additional cemetery and private crypt lots. We now have a special area for families choosing cremation including a Columbarium for cremation urn remains.

In early 2021, Beaver Cemetery will break ground for a 252 crypt and family rooms addition to the Mausoleum. The indoor and outdoor niches will be added featuring single and double glass front niches. Pre-construction pricing is in effect for a limited time.

Information about the Beaver Cemetery and the Beaver Mausoleum can be obtained by calling (724) 774-8039. Visitors may also stop by the office or go to beavercemetery.net for more information.

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