From the Beaver Police Department:

The Beaver Police Department would like to take a moment and remind residents to be mindful of what you are dumping at the Borough’s yard waste disposal facility along the Ohio River.

The police department has been receiving complaints of illegal dumping that is taking place. This has been happening more frequently with the change of season. We would like to remind residents that the Borough’s recycling facility is for the disposal of yard waste such as grass, weeds, and branches. (NO DIRT or ROCK). Please make other arrangements to dispose of dirt and rocks. Residents must purchase an annual dumping permit at the Borough Police Office.

The police department also wants to remind residents that this PERMIT is for the resident only (NEVER a contractor).

Many of the complaints fielded recently by the police department are stemming from residents hiring contractors and then telling or advising the contractors to utilize the Borough’s recycling disposal facility. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT PERMITTED and that it is illegal to dump non-recyclable material such as trash at the collection facility. Please help keep Beaver Borough clean by adhering to the set guidelines for recycling.

Failing to abide by Ordinance 779 violations are punishable by a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $1,000.

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