Waterfalls have a beauty that can’t be ignored. They are a feat of nature that have been inspiring humanity’s religious beliefs, artwork, architecture, music, and movies for generations. In order to see their glory, you don’t need to take a trip to some faraway place. Pennsylvania has over 180 waterfalls! Traveling to see these wonders can make for fun day trips or weekend adventures.

Take a look at these 10 featured waterfalls in Western PA – all located within two hours of Beaver!


Buttermilk Falls Park | Beaver Falls, PA
20 minutes from Beaver

Located just 20 minutes from downtown Beaver, Buttermilk Falls park near Beaver Falls, PA is a must-see for Beaver County residents.

Stop to see this gorgeous 40-foot scenic sandstone formation and waterfall. A unique aspect of this waterfall is that you can easily venture behind the falls for a fun vantage point to see the water right in front you. During the summer months you may want to bring your swimsuit and take a dip!

Buttermilk Falls is easy to access, being located about five minutes walking distance from the parking lot that marks a clear trail.


McConnells Mill State Park | Portersville, PA
35 minutes from Beaver

Though its name may suggest otherwise, the journey to this 18- foot waterfall is a mere half-mile on a marked trail with relatively flat terrain.

Hell’s Hollow Falls is located in the northwestern corner of McConnells Mill State Park just off of Shaffer Road. These falls are marked with informational signs, a parking area, and a nearby restroom.

At this site you’ll also get to see a since-retired lime kiln which was built next to the falls in the 1850s. The burning of the limestone and fuel gave off a red glow – hence why the falls were named after the “hellish” appearance of the kiln.


Cascade Park | New Castle, PA
35 minutes from Beaver

Although this waterfall is manmade, that doesn’t take away from its beauty. Big Run Falls is located on the site of what used to be an amusement park that ran from 1897 until the early 1980s. At the center of Cascade Park, you’ll find the 20-foot waterfall that spills into a large pool below.

A wheelchair accessible viewing area is located nearby the parking for Big Run Falls. Those feeling adventurous can also follow the steep but visible path to the base of the falls.

Nearby, old pieces of rollercoasters and remains of several buildings from the amusement park days are available to see. These relics are marked with historical signposts detailing the history of the area. Visiting this unique area offers a combination of history and beauty, making it a great stop not far from home.


Mahoning Twp, PA
40 minutes from Beaver

This stunning waterfall is located north of Beaver just a half-mile east of the Ohio border. This double-tiered waterfall is around 40 feet tall and 30 feet wide.

Quakertown Falls are tucked away a few hundred feet off the road and require you to descend down into the gorge to get to them, but the effort is worth the view!

If you’re up for exploring the area, upstream from Quakertown Falls are remnants of an old railroad bridge.


Venango County, PA
1 hour 30 minutes from Beaver

Freedom Falls is a large waterfall located in a remote area in Venango County, PA between the towns of Kennerdell and Emlenton. This waterfall stands 20 feet tall and 50 feet wide – making it one of the largest on this tour – and spills into a large plunge pool below that boasts a unique blue-green color.
At this site you’ll also find some remains from the town of Freedom that used to exist there, such as the ruins of the Rockland Furnace iron furnace. Just a half- mile down from the falls is the Rockland Tunnel, which is part of the Allegheny River Rail Trail.

There is a parking area here that is just 150 yards on a well-worn path from Freedom Falls.


Clarion County, PA
1 hour 40 minutes from Beaver

Rapp Run Falls is located just minutes from downtown Clarion and makes for a great stop if you’re in the area or traveling on Interstate 80.
A small parking area leads down an unmarked but obvious trail downhill towards the falls. This easy-to-access area has a series of a few smaller waterfalls, with the main falls between approximately 10 feet tall and 20 feet wide.


Ohiopyle State Park | Fayette County, PA
1 hour 50 minutes from Beaver

Ohiopyle Falls is a massive waterfall located near the center of Ohiopyle State Park that is definitely worth the drive. The waterfall has a 20-foot drop and spans the entire width of the Youghiogheny River, rightfully earning its nickname – the “Niagara Falls of Western Pennsylvania.”

These falls are easy to access because there are so many viewing spots to choose from around the park, including a wheelchair accessible viewpoint on the Ohiopyle Falls Observation Deck. Ohiopyle State Park is full of outdoor activities like hiking, biking, camping, whitewater rafting and more, as well as lots of waterfalls!


Ohiopyle State Park | Fayette County, PA
1 hour 50 minutes from Beaver

Cucumber Falls is another gorgeous stop located in Ohiopyle State Park. This 30- foot waterfall is one of the most photographed waterfalls in Western PA because of its graceful straight drop down.

Park in the nearby gravel lot that’s just a few dozen yards from the falls to see this natural beauty. A staircase leads to an upper observation area located next to the parking lot. For those more daring – you can follow a staircase down to the base of the falls.


Ohiopyle State Park | Fayette County, PA
1 hour 50 minutes from Beaver

Journeying to Jonathan Run Falls is great if you’re looking for a hike that leads to a waterfall. There are two waterfalls and dozens of small cascades along this nearly two-mile hike.

Parking is marked for the hike that begins the trek to these falls. Your journey will first bring you to the Upper Jonathan Run Falls and continue on to the Lower falls. Following a hiking loop past another two waterfalls – Sugar Run Falls and Fechter Run Falls – will bring you back to your car.


Buttermilk Falls Natural Area | Indiana County, PA
2 hours from Beaver

There are quite a few waterfalls located in PA with the name Buttermilk Falls – these falls are located in Indiana County, PA. This destination features a 45-foot waterfall that sits within a 48-acre natural area and scenic woodland.

Here you will find clear signage, parking, restrooms, a small picnic pavilion, a short hiking trail, and an overlook viewing area. The observation area is wheelchair accessible, located 0.2 miles from the parking area along a concrete and crushed stone path.

A walkway leads from the parking lot down to the waterfall, and even takes you behind the falls themselves to get an up-close look at the water.

Fun Fact: Buttermilk Falls in Indiana County was once owned by the grandfather of Pittsburgh’s own Fred Rogers! A young Mr. Rogers spent weekends and summer vacations here exploring the falls.

If you’re looking for fun ways to “Get Outside” this summer, visiting one of these natural treasures is a great way to do so! Pack a picnic, grab your hiking shoes, and start exploring!

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