If you want to make sure that your yard is ready for spring, there are several things to do before the warm weather arrives. Preparing your lawn and garden now can save you a great deal of time and money. Here are some top ways to help jumpstart your lawn and garden to help it look ideal come spring.

1. Sign Up for 2023 Yard Waste Permit

Visit beaverpa.us/permits to sign up for your Yard Waste Permit for 2023. This permit will entitle Beaver Borough residents to drop off yard waste at the borough’s yard waste site during 2023 from March to November. Yard waste is defined as grass, grass clippings, leaves, clippings from shrubs and other plants.

2. Trim Your Plants Back

In order to make sure your plants, flowers, and hedges all grow back nicely in the spring, it is important to trim back your plants. Cut off and remove dead limbs and branches. Trimming your plants will help ensure that they mature nicely.

3. Remove Leaves

It is crucial that all homeowners remove all leaves and debris from garden areas. Removing leaves from these areas will help ensure that all nutrients reach the soil and get into the roots of the plants. Removing leaves will not only aid in nutrient absorption but will also make your yard space look much nicer.

4. Add Fertilizer

Adding fertilizer to your soil in the lawn and garden areas is a great way to help ensure that they have all the nutrients they need. This will help maximize growth in your gardens and ensure that your plants have everything they need to grow optimally. Fertilizer is known to improve soil texture, maximize moisture absorption, and give your grass and plants everything they need. Fertilizing can help create a stunning yard and garden to increase your overall curb appeal.

5. Start Planting Bulbs and Vegetables

Start planting your bulbs and vegetables now. This will help ensure that your flowers are blooming at the ideal time. It will also give your vegetables maximum time to mature. The exact time when you should start planting flowers and bulbs may vary depending on the region that you live in, but they should ideally be planted a few weeks before the last freeze.

6. Add Mulch

Adding mulch to your garden areas is an ideal way to make them look nicer. Mulch can help improve the moisture retention of your lawn, keep the gardens insulated, and help the color of your plants stand out. Mulch is a simple way to increase the overall curb appeal of your home and to get your lawn and gardens ready for spring.

These lawn maintenance tips can help ensure that your lawn and garden look their best as soon as spring arrives. If you are looking for a stunning yard and garden, try these out!

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