Diamond Engagement Rings – Experience, Expertise and Education is our goal at Sieger’s Jewelers! An engagement ring purchase is an experience you should always remember and a purchase that symbolizes your love, future and commitment. We are here to earn your trust and assist you in selecting the quality you deserve.

Custom Design – Bring your vision to life at Sieger’s. Tyler, our main design expert, is highly skilled and designing rings daily! Custom design is very popular right now because everyone wants to have their personal touch involved. It’s nice to be able to sit with you in our store and work on your piece together, and it’s one of our favorite moments when our clients see the finished piece.

Jewelry Repair – For over 70 years our community has put their trust in our name to provide you with a jewelry repair service. We take pride in the quality and craftsmanship we offer. We repair all fine jewelry and watches. We are even taking our repair service to a whole new level by offering some same day repair!

Online Store – A vision of ours was to offer our clients the ability to shop and purchase our jewelry online. With a complete redesign of our website we were recently able to accomplish this task. Being closed during the pandemic was a difficult experience, but now we will always be open.

Jewelry Selection – We offer a large selection of quality fine jewelry! Our jewelry is all hand selected. A goal of ours is to offer a selection you may not see anywhere else. We like to be unique and I think it’s what makes our family business special.

Family is everything, especially when you work together!

Did you know? Albert Sieger was a man who worked steady midnight shifts at Saint Joes Lead, then put on his suit and tie to open his jewelry store after only a few hours of sleep. Little did he know that he was creating a business that would continue for three generations and now 71 years in business. Our grandfather passed away when we were just six years old and today we ask our grandmother, Virginia Sieger, if he would have ever thought the business would be continued for so long. Her answer is no! Times were tough and they never knew if they would make it through, but with hard work and sacrifice, they did. Kevin, AJ Jr. and Bob took the store to a whole new level when they took over, spending many years and hours building the business. Sieger’s Jewelers’ success in part is due to them as they continued to build a trusting reputation. Watching our fathers, Bob and AJ Jr., through the years inspired us to take the reins and continue the family business as third generation jewelers.

We have big plans for our store and work hard every day to grow it further. We look forward to serving our customers in Beaver and building new relationships for many years!

Sieger’s Jewelers
489 3rd St, Beaver, PA


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