Living room feeling blah? Bedroom got you feeling blue? Maybe now is the time for a design update. But if you are like many people, trying to figure out where to get started with a renovation can be daunting. Here are some thoughts to help you find your personal style.

Choose an Inspiration Piece

One way to inject style into a design is the “pick-a- piece” method. Basically, you choose one piece as the focal point of your space and then find complementary pieces to round out the room. A boldly-patterned wallpaper, lime green sofa, or large art piece can be a statement to build upon. Just make sure to choose pieces that complement, not compete with, your statement piece when picking design elements.

Pattern Play

Patterns (think stripes, herringbones, florals, and beyond) can drastically impact the feel of a space. If you are not sure how to get started with design, picking out a pattern or two to incorporate can provide direction. Do not be afraid to mix patterns; remember, you are the one who lives in the space! Pick combinations that make you feel at home.

Let Your Home Speak

Nothing is quite as jarring as walking into an ultra- modern kitchen in a country farmhouse or finding a Victorian-era living room in a modern New York loft. The point is that when you have nothing else to draw upon, you should listen to your home. After all, you probably loved it when you picked it, so keeping the design within the feel of the overall home should suit your style. Also, consider that exposed brick, fun built- ins, or other design elements already present can lead the way in designing your space.

Let Use Lead Design

While form is important, function is key. Start your search for style by thinking through the way you envision using the space. Will your family room be a cozy place filled with books and quiet nooks? Or an active space for running, playing children? Thinking through how you will use the space may lead to design clarity.

Starting off a room redesign can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to home design. By finding a favorite piece, playing with patterns, looking to your home for inspiration, or considering use, you can start to get a sense of your own style tastes. These methods will help you decide on the best design for your space. Happy designing!

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