I’m not a big fan of the word “hero.” I believe everyone is a hero to someone, most of the time. One of the definitions in the dictionary defines hero as one who shows great courage. Another is a person admired for achievements and noble qualities.

During football, baseball, basketball, or hockey season, fans turn their attention to their favorite team and closely follow their favorite players. Media broadcasts of the sport showcase star players and their accomplishments. These stars become icons and their names become household names. Some of these athletes get labeled as heroes. These players also end up symbolizing the game and eventually rise to mega-stardom. Our passion for sports can sometimes be called an obsession, and we all know some die-hard fans that devote their life interests to a certain team logo or player. We idolize our sports heroes and shower them with accolades and endorsements. Many times, people aspire to be the next “Great One.”

Then there is the political world where individuals follow political leaders, whether it is on the local, state, or national level. These folks get showcased in many media reports and we also see the rising and sometimes falling stars of that world. Our political leaders have been held high to become heroes when times of crisis arise in governments or political strife. We also see many politicians who champion causes and become heroes to their causes within the community or their followers. Politics tends to be more of a love-hate relationship.

It is ironic that when disaster strikes our communities and citizens, their first call is not to a sports or political superstar. When residents have life-threatening emergencies such as accidents, fires, or a disaster, their first call is to their volunteer fire department.

When people of our community are having potentially one of the worst days of their lives, we are their first call in minutes, if not seconds. We are part of the hometown superstar team that will assemble for the mighty game, where so much is on the line, and we faithfully answer the call.

All those previously called heroes that get so much attention and accolades are usually farthest from mind when tragedy strikes. Volunteer firefighters are the first line of defense for many towns and rural municipalities. We are the force to protect communities against tragedy.

None of us joined to be called a hero, but the courage to volunteer and commit to the lifestyle that demands is certainly heroic.

The firefighter who aspires to be better, trains faithfully to a higher standard, and continues to be motivated to lead others, is a hero. Real heroes are the ones who can keep the pace going all through their tenure as a volunteer firefighter. The definition of hero has true meaning and we all must work hard to be a hero in our community.

As an organization, we have created an atmosphere of trust and respect that encourages individual growth, participation, creativity, and acknowledges the achievements of our members. We are dedicated to providing superior customer service to the town.

Please help us in our yearly fundraiser by either running in the 5k/10k race or consider being a sponsor of the race.

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