The Beaver Police Department wants to remind residents to lock your vehicles and secure all personal belongings. One of the simplest ways to protect your car is to lock the doors and close the windows anytime you are not in the vehicle.

Property crimes are often crimes of opportunity. Open windows and unlocked doors can easily attract thieves or give them opportunities to strike quickly and maintain a low profile. If would-be thieves cannot quickly gain entry to your car, they will often simply keep moving.

Never leave your keys in your vehicle, even if you are just running into a convenience store or another location for a minute or two. Do not make it easy for thieves to steal your vehicle.

Park your vehicle in secure areas. Be cautious of where you park. Avoid remote areas and look to park in well-lit areas. Remove all valuables from the vehicle. Valuables that are visible within the vehicle can attract would-be thieves. Avoid leaving your purse, phone, or other expensive items in your vehicle. Avoid leaving shopping bags or luggage as that may signal the presence of something valuable. Lock all items in your trunk as an alternative to the vehicle interior—all items are out of sight when in the trunk. The police department wants to remind everyone to lock and secure your vehicles. As the winter months approach, be careful leaving your vehicle run to warm it up when not present with it. Taking some precautionary steps to secure your vehicle and its contents will help deter thieves.

Report any suspicious activity immediately to the Beaver Police Department at 724-775-0881.

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