Be mindful of your eating.

During the holiday season, most people will be eating excessively and unhealthily. Don’t allow the behavior of others to dictate your own actions. It can be easy to eat without paying attention, especially on holiday treats already sitting out. Unfortunately, this can cause you to eat more than you normally would. Be mindful of the portions you’re taking and stop when you’ve had your serving. If faced with peer pressure to overeat, stay disciplined by remembering how important good health and fitness are, and how much happier you will be if you make the right decisions. Moderation should be your motto.

Make healthy choices.

Many of the most delicious Christmas foods will be bad for you. But there will usually be some healthier options available. Opt for the healthier choices and limit your consumption of sweet treats and the like. If you are preparing any holiday meals, try to include healthy courses or update traditional family dishes by supplementing more nutritious ingredients.

Give yourself Christmas off—but only Christmas.

There’s nothing wrong with letting yourself go for one day. Christmas comes but once a year, so indulge without restriction on December 25th. The key is to do this only on Christmas day. Tempting though it may be, eating without restraint during a season that lasts for weeks is a bad idea. Pick your favorite holiday treats out and allow yourself to enjoy those. This way the holidays can still feel special for you, but you won’t end up going overboard.

Eat fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are the foods most needed for proper functioning of body and mind, so ignoring them at Christmas isn’t a good option. While many people do not look forward to eating veggies and fruits during the holidays, remember that they can be delicious. Filling up on fruits and vegetables will also make it easier to not eat unhealthy foods.


During Christmas, normal routines can be disrupted, especially if you are traveling to stay with family or friends. However, exercise is a critical part of health. If you have a regular exercise regimen, keep it up as best you can during the holidays. Even walking or other moderate forms of physical activity are a good start. Going for a walk with family is a great way to get some fresh air, spend time together, and get everyone’s bodies moving.

Focus on other aspects of Christmas.

If consuming unhealthy treats is your favorite part of the holiday, eating in moderation will be challenging. Try to take joy in other parts of the holidays, like sharing time with family and friends, or seasonal activities. For example, focus on how much you will enjoy decorating the Christmas tree with relatives, or the look your children will have on their faces when they open their presents on Christmas morning.

Eating nutritiously at Christmas time will be difficult—but it’s doable. The point is not to make yourself miserable. Eating well will make you happier and healthier. Remember, you can eat some rich, unhealthy foods—just consume them in moderation. Happy holidays!

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