The Beaver County Special Unit was formed by a group of veterans from Monaca Legion and Baden Legion in 1975. We are a Non-Profit NOT affiliated with the Beaver County government. In the beginning, there were two units of approximately twenty-five personnel. Today, we are lucky to field ten. The unit was formed to provide military funeral honors to any honorably discharged veteran. Since its inception, the unit has provided over 9,000 services throughout the county. The unit averages around 150-200 ceremonies per year. COVID-19 skewed our numbers recently. A service typically consists of a small, personalized eulogy, three volley rifle salute, taps, then folding of the flag. The flag is then presented to the next of kin, on behalf of the President of the United States, Secretary of the Branch of Service, and the Beaver County Special Unit. Finally, it is encased in a leatherette vinyl flag holder along with three spent cartridges. The three spent rounds symbolize Duty, Honor and Country.

All members of the unit have served in the military in some capacity, from WW-II through Afghanistan. It is an eclectic group bringing many different skills from civilian and military experiences. If interested in the services of the Beaver County Special Unit, please contact the director of the funeral home being utilized for more information. The following is a brief thumbnail sketch of the Unit:

Retired CMSGT Carl T. Hughes Jr. – US Navy 1972- 1977; US Navy Reserves 1978-1981; US Air Force Reserves 911TH AW 1983-2003. His service was in Southeast Asia, Pacific, Mediterranean Sea. His career culminated in Kuwait in 2002. Joined 2008.

SP3 Michael J. “Bill” Krawczyk – US Army 1955-1959, serving in South Carolina, Georgia and Yokohama, Japan. Joined 2015.

RM3 Michael A. Mikulich – US Navy 1965-1971. His service included Great Lakes, IL; Little Creek, VA; Danang and Quang Tri (TET Offensive) Vietnam, Guam, Japan Nova Scotia, and Puerto Rico. Joined 2015.

Retired CMSGT Raymond F. Dougherty – US Army 1964-1970 as crew chief on the Huey helicopter, flying 672 missions, from 1964-1966. In 1973 he joined the Air National Guard (171st ARW). Service there included Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates then Budapest, Hungary (Kosovo Crisis). Service there included Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates then Budapest, Hungary (Kosovo Crisis).

RM2 Robert “Bob” Kelly – US Navy 1971-77, Great Lakes, IL; San Diego and Stockton, CA. Joined 2011.

CPL Gerald W. States – US Marine Corps 1958-1966. Duty station was at Arlington Cemetery, DC. 8th & I, Presidential Detail. Joined 2011.

CPT Vincent Binkoski – US Army 1966-1970 serving with the 14th transportation Battalion, 1ST Calvary Division Vietnam.

CPL George Patrick – US Army 1955-1961. He served int the 82nd Airborne Division in Germany and Korea. Joined 2002.

SGT Vito Farelli – US Army 1987- 1992. He served with the HHC 10th Mobile Army Support Unit, Ft Carson, CO; 4th Infantry Division Medical Brigade Operation Desert Shield, Desert Storm; serving in Iraq. Joined 2017.

Retired SMSGT Albert Borro Jr. – US Airforce/Air Force Reserve 1971- 1992. Service included 416 Bomb Wing, Griffiss AFB, NY, Operation Linebacker II, Anderson AFB, Guam 1972, Southeast Asia Service 1973- 1974 Vietnam Campaign, Utapao Royal Thai AFB, Thailand, 436/512 MAW, Dover AFB, DE 1975-1992. Served in Operation Desert Storm 1990-1991. Joined the Beaver County Special Unit in 2018.

SGT Stephen Wengryn – 1974- 1980. He served with the 1st Cavalry Division, Ft Hood, TX; 3rd Armored Division, Germany and the 28th Infantry, PA Army National Guard. Joined 2018.

SSG Harper Simpson – US Army 1966-1968. He served with the 4th Infantry Division, Vietnam. Drafted, he served at the Battle of Dak Tho, TET Offensive and the TET Counteroffensive. Member since 2022. (Member of original BC Special Unit).

SGT Andrew Zabrucky – US Army 1957-1963. His service included Ft Knox, KY Company F, 2nd Battalion, and 3rd Armored cavalry Regiment, Ft Meade, MD. (Currently inactive).

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