Our beautiful river-town is a fantastic place for all ages of our Beaver community to walk. With sidewalks all throughout town, trees lining the streets, dozens of shops and restaurants down Main Street and beyond, and friendly faces all along the way, the Borough encourages everyone to enjoy all the benefits of walking in Beaver. For the safety of all Beaver residents and visitors, below are some tips for maintaining walking safety.

Find a Crosswalk
It is always recommended to cross at marked crosswalks or intersections as opposed to jaywalking. The all-too familiar voice in your head telling you to look both ways before crossing any street is key—don’t assume that vehicles will stop for you. While the law requires vehicles to allow pedestrians the right-of-way, it is always best to make sure the driver sees you and waves you across.

Wait Your Turn
When at an intersection, please remember to patiently wait for the light to change to ensure your own safety, as well as the safety of the drivers on the road. When crossing, watch for turning vehicles and make sure that drivers see you and are going to stop for you.

Walk Facing Traffic When Necessary
For places in Beaver where there is no sidewalk, such as along River Road, it is best to walk on the left side of the road—facing oncoming traffic. Having the ability to see traffic will keep you better aware of possible danger.

Dress Accordingly
Staying easily visible is important. Bright colors are encouraged for daytime walking. When walking at night, it is suggested to wear light-colored or reflective clothing to increase your visibility for drivers and other walkers.

Turn Down the Tunes
Music can make a stroll around town even more enjoyable but remember to keep your volume low enough so that you can still hear important noises around you.

Keep Your Eyes Up
With phone calls, texting, and games, etc. on mobile devices, it is easy to become distracted and unaware of tripping hazards, traffic danger, or passing joggers or bikes. Remember to keep your head up.

Stay Hydrated—H2O is the Way to Go!
Make sure that you are well-hydrated before heading out for a walk or run and bring extra water along with you.

Stay alert, cautious, and safe. Thank you for doing your part to make walking in Beaver safer for everyone!

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